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We build tailored courses that engage, entertain, and educate, and design customized solutions that provide all the learning and social benefits you would expect – all in one user-friendly, flexible, and secure package. Our eLearning solutions help clients all over the globe, who have ranked us as one of the top eLearning agencies in the world.

eLearning solutions we offer

At our eLearning company, we specialize in the development of custom eLearning courses and the provision of learning management systems. Following our tried and tested 3C Framework, we use the latest methods to create engaging eLearning solutions that help organizations reach their learning objectives, from pharma to finance and anywhere in between. Every eLearning solution we create is precisely tailored to our client’s needs and uses methods specifically chosen to fit targeted student learning styles.


Dividing educational material into multiple micro-courses is the perfect solution for short attention spans in learners. It involves the delivery of information in a concise, engaging, and inclusive format.


We develop all our solutions in a mobile-responsive format so that learning can continue in all environments. mLearning is the perfect solution for increasing course uptakes and improving learner results.


Explainer videos are short online marketing videos created in various styles from 3D animation to motion graphics. They are the most effective way to communicate ideas to your audience.


Controllable panoramic images maximize the users’ experience by providing them with the ability to pan around an area, choose their own path in branching scenarios, and many other interactions.


Our team of learning architects and instructional designers create a blended approach to learning that includes a variety of the best practices from both on- and offline learning environments.


The revolutionary approach of our Solution-Based Learning helps you set your goals, figure out how to measure success, to finally tailor the right solution through our e-courses.


eLearning speaks to learners in more than just (one) language. Our translation and localization services ensure your content is accurately and effectively communicated in the desired language and culture.

How we do it

3C framework gives you full control in all development areas – reducing your costs and time spent managing the project.

Our eLearning agency created free content for you

We have been creating eLearning solutions for over a decade now. During this time and thanks to a wide variety of projects, we have gathered substantial knowledge and experience, which we want to share to teach everyone how to use eLearning for themselves. This desire to share has brought about the creation of eLearning courses, eBooks, and Case Studies that show many ways to implement online learning in different areas.


Read our eBooks and learn how to keep control of your eLearning courses, plan and create the best curriculum for your company or maximize the remote training of your colleagues. You can also find out how eLearning solutions can be implemented in large industries such as pharma or hospitality.


What better way to learn about eLearning than through eLearning courses? If you want to discover the foundations of good eLearning or how to design engaging and super-effective eLearning courses, check out our eLearning course examples.


We work with all sorts of companies, large and small, and in all parts of the world. Through our case studies you can find out how our eLearning solutions have helped some of them with their learning and development projects.

University-accredited Bachelor and MBA degrees

Are you looking for a degree to advance your professional skills? In partnership with Ducere Global Business School, we offer university-accredited, affordable programs customized for you. The programs are designed to enhance your career and expand your professional network.

Adobe eLearning Design Award

This project is a recent Adobe eLearning Design Awards runner-up; fine praise indeed. The competition, run by Adobe in partnership with eLearning Industry, has reviewed projects from all corners of the world, ranging from augmented reality, dementia, preserving a disappearing dialect, workplace ethics, breast cancer awareness all the way to planning a trip to Japan!

Best eLearning agency awards

We know awards aren’t the most important thing in the world, but they do mean that we’re doing something right. They also motivate us to do even better.
Our clients’ and industry colleagues’ recognizing us as the top eLearning company in the industry is an additional incentive to keep our tools of the trade sharp. Here are a few that we have won, with hopefully many more on the way!

Some of our clients

What clients say about our eLearning company

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