Education is what remains after one has forgotten
what one has learned in school

Albert Einstein

Why summer is the best time to implement your learning strategy

It’s the peak of the summer, especially in Croatia where everybody casually moves to Adriatic coast. Those of us who stay inland can enjoy Instagram and Snapchat stories while taking some time to improve our skills and finish those projects that have been sitting in a dusty, dark corner of desktop. Currently, Zagreb is empty, […]

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How to do a thorough need analysis in e-learning

If you want to design and develop great e-learning, first step is figuring out what your clients wants and needs. Big companies with highly developed processes and human resource strategies usually know what they want – which level of e-learning, who are their  learners, what technologies are they using, which topics they want to cover […]

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6 reasons why good e-learning is great for your company

Whether you want to educate and share knowledge with your employees or costumers, e-learning is proving to be the best solution. Why is that, you may ask. Scroll down for 6 reasons why high quality e-learning can only bring benefit to your company. Long – term saving When you organize a classic face-to-face training course, […]

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