Education is what remains after one has forgotten
what one has learned in school

Albert Einstein

The WordPress LMS Solution For Responsive Course Content

This article will explain the issues and the solutions we, as an eLearning agency, are faced with when trying to find the best solution for our clients. Due to the nature of the requests of our users, cloud LMS hosting was not very cost effective for our clients, so we had to find another solution […]

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E-Learning in Hospitality – THE TIME IS NOW

Almost half of the most successful companies, those from Fortune 500 list, already use e-learning. E-learning takes 40 – 60% less time than instructor-based programs, saves up to 50% of costs and makes employees significantly more productive. Experts say that every 1 $ invested in e-learning brings back 30 $ in better and faster service […]

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Why summer is the best time to implement your learning strategy

It’s the peak of the summer, especially in Croatia where everybody casually moves to Adriatic coast. Those of us who stay inland can enjoy Instagram and Snapchat stories while taking some time to improve our skills and finish those projects that have been sitting in a dusty, dark corner of desktop. Currently, Zagreb is empty, […]

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